Computer Consulting and Training
Since 1985
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M-DP Systems, Inc. is a New York based micro-computer consulting and training company established in 1985. The company offers a variety of services for both PC and MACINTOSH users and is certified as a WBE (NYS Department of Economic Development), DBE (The MTA), and WBE/SBE (NYC). M-DP Systems, Inc. is an approved vendor for Metro North Information Technology Training Services.


M-DP Systems, Inc. provides end-user support to users of PC's and Mac's. This includes problem-solving in areas as diverse as planning an overall strategy, database design, spreadsheet development, advanced word processing document management techniques, backup/recovery procedures and troubleshooting conversion problems from one platform to another.

One area in which M-DP Systems, Inc. specializes, is integrating data from diverse external sources into a desktop decision-support database with a user friendly interface. These systems provide the ability to work easily with data from web, mainframe and data warehouses as well as spreadsheets exports-all in one system. The user interface also includes Click Button import access to import data from external sources. We have built systems for College Class Scheduling and Instructor Assignment, Fellowship Application Processing, Pre-school Application Processing, Graduate School Application processing, Financial Aid Application Processing, Contact Information Management, HR Compensation Planning among others. The systems are menu-driven and customized in order to help clients more easily share and use their diverse information.


M-DP Systems, Inc. provides hands-on computer training with real world examples to illustrate how the computer can be used as an effective tool in business. Training covers Windows and data processing concepts, all levels of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook) and MS Project among other software as well as how to organize work and setup effective backup, and filing procedures. Training is available for volume roll-outs, group sessions and executive one-on-one and can be customized to specific needs as well as to use actual examples from the client's business.


M-DP Systems, Inc. assesses technical skill needs and develops curriculum to meet the needs. We also develop end-user documentation and training for clients' proprietary systems and technical training. Training can be presented either by our staff or by the clients' trainers. Development includes assessing the training needs, defining systems goals for users, defining curricula and practical training objectives and creating the detailed instructor and participant materials to support the goals and objectives. For documentation projects, the scope of material may include reference documentation (for example, On-line HELP Menus) and other topics as appropriate. Examples of recent projects include:

  • assessing the intermediate/advanced technical skills needed Agency-wide and developing the curriculum of specific hands-on training modules.
  • developing end-user documentation/training for proprietary Internal Control and Discipline Tracking systems.
  • M-DP Systems, Inc.'s goal is to make the business user comfortable with computers and able to continue to grow without needing extraordinary assistance for every change.

    M-DP Systems, Inc.'s clients include retail, education, financial, legal, professional services, communications, publishing, transportation, public relations, architecture and building management.

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